SAFE is the system run at EPCC that allows users and budgets/time accounts to be allocated to Athena.

It also allows usage data to Athena to be sent back to EPCC for the benefit of accounting to EPSRC.

It will also provide options for controlling access to licensed software.

Devolved Control

Your local support representative is responsible for operating SAFE on your behalf, and you should approach them to get user accounts and budget changes done.

The following advice is provided by consortium partners for their users:

Manual Processes

Currently SAFE requires a number of manual interventions to turn requests for accounts of budget changes into changes on Athena. This is being automated, but SAFE is undergoing a period of development so automation is at an early point.

Generally, given the requirement for EPCC to assign requests to Athena and for them to be processed the turn around time for a request is around 24 hours.

SAFE budgets and SLURM accounts

A budget in SAFE is turned into an account in SLURM, although this budget is allocated in monthly tranches rather than all in one go. E.g. a budget of 1,000,000 core hours in SAFE named thing might be allocated over 10 months on Athena as a SLURM account of name thing with 100,000 core hours each month.

See the charging model for more detail.

Additional Documentation

EPCC Documentation for Tier 2 SAFE

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