Acknowledging the use of Athena

Main Acknowledgement

When writing papers, please use the following text to acknowledge use:

We acknowledge the use of Athena at HPC Midlands+, which was funded by the EPSRC on
grant EP/P020232/1, in this research,

If you were allocated the resources via consortium membership, add

as part of the HPC Midlands+ consortium.

and if you were allocated resources via the EPSRC RAP, add

via the EPSRC RAP call of SOME_DATE.

Time Used

Optionally, you can also reference the amount of time used, in CPU core hours. This can be obtained for a project code using SAFE, although if it is spread over multiple papers within a project, we leave it to your discretion for any sub-allocation of time.

Suggested text for this additional sentence is:

The research consumed X CPU core hours, using SAFE project Y.

Non X86 Resources

If you used GPGPU or POWER8 resources, then it is useful that you also reference this:

The resources consumed included x86_64, POWER8, and Nvidia GPGPU.

as an example. This is useful as it allows us to demonstrate the use of non-x86 elements.

Case studies and Alerting HPC Midlands+

Finally, it is very useful if you could provide us with

  • An indication that you have written a paper, by emailing with the title “Athena Paper Published”.
  • Volunteered information for creating a set of case studies.